Gandhi Relics Come To India The Auction Way

The controversial auction of items owned by Mahatma Gandhi seems to have been closed. Though the bidding may still be taking place at Antiquroum’s but the major lot has closed, including the Zenith watch and others things owned by the pioneer of the non-violent freedom movement in India.

The newsphere has been abuzz with the claims of the Indian government that the relics rightfully belonged to the people of India as a whole and should not be auctioned as the concept was completely against the principles Gandhi stood by. So, despite the brouhaha, the NYC auction did take place but thankfully the Gandhi watch has remained in Indian hands.

The ‘Lot 364’ closed way higher than the estimated price. The bid increased to $2,096,000. The winning bid came from King Fisher Beer Baron Vijay Mallya. So, far the wealthy bidder hasn’t disclosed his plans with the four items and the pocket watch. Though open for public display, let’s wait and watch if the Gandhi relics go on to the government or remain in private hands.

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