Brookstone’s Women’s Light-weight Jacket Warms You Up, Literally

Winter wear can be quite a mess, with the heavy woollens one has to lug around. How about a single layer jacket that adjusts to the heat while the temperature around dips. Brookstone’s Women’s heated jackets are just that. No heavy jackets that put you off, with that lack of sense of style, and all sense of heaviness. Instead, it is a neat pull on that you will love in the cold.

How does the heated jacket work? It warms you up with five active heat zones. Brookstone’s Women’s Heated Jackets use light-weight carbon fibre bundles to provide heat in key parts along the body, with its three-level that enables the user to adjust the temperature according to warm and cool zones. Till now, jackets such as these were available only for men, not women.

Each jacket has a rechargeable batter pack and heat controller fit into its internal zippered pockets, which make it the warmer it is.

With each round of charging, you could get about five hours of heat. On style quotient, the jacket may not be exactly excellent, but in terms of comfort it is worth a buy. The jacket is available in several sizes. It sells for $ 179.95.

Via: Chipchick, Brookstone


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