Vue Personal Video Network for Those Who Need to Hide Cash from Robbers

If you were annoyed with a number of wires getting entangled on your desk, you don’t have to be blamed for that. Instead, blame the Web Cam which also adds up to this wiry mess. Avaak’s new Vue Personal Video Network is a great gadget that not only functions as a webcam but also as a surveillance gadget. You can mount this anywhere in the house and you will get a steady flow of video to know what is going on inside.

It uses a special technology called the FrameMesh and was initially developed for the US military. So, we know what we are talking about and if you have loads of money stashed in your house, this is perhaps the best way to keep an eye. You do not even need a PC for this gadget except while watching.

It costs a$299 and if you want more webcams, you gotta pay $99 each. I would say, this is a great way to enhance home security which is always required if you are very rich.


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