Multi-Tasking Pen for Geeks Who Have No Fashion Sense

If you ever wanted to give a gift to someone that wanted something multi functional, you must try the Ultimate 5-in-1 Geek Pen. This Geek Pen can do a number of things that you possibly can’t imagine a pen to do. If you twist the shaft in one way it becomes a ballpoint pen. If you do it the other way, it becomes a stylus tip and in another way, it becomes a laser pointer. It also is nice because it can also become a flashlight and UV light.

It measures about 5.25″ long and is one of the most multi tasking gadgets I have ever seen. This geekish gadget is also pretty cheap and costs only $9.99. It is a cheap gift for one of those nerds you encounter who would not understand the value of Prada underwear and Gucci thongs.

I would say, go ahead and get many of these pens and not just one. You never know when an annoying person borrows this on the pretext of needing a pen and never return it.

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