World’s Most Expensive Suit Made of Vicuna Wool

So you are not happy with the Prada or Armani suit you bought in Milan? Well, you wouldn’t be because many people would have already got them and it is no big deal these days to have designer suits. If you want to stand out from the rest and own suits that are absolutely exclusively, you must instead head to Scotland and contact the guys at Holland & Sherry. The company was founded in 1836 and they have the world’s first 100% worsted spun Vicuna fabric.

If that does not sound rich enough, take a look at the price tag: It costs more than $4,000 for a yard of the material. Vicuna is an Andean animal that is shy and timid and its wool needs to be shorn only once in 3 years which makes it very exclusive and expensive.

The company has just enough material to make 18 suits and each suit would cost more than $50,000. The king of Morocco has just ordered a piece. Why shouldn’t you?

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