Alcohol Shot Gun Adds Life to Boring Parties

Sometimes it is interesting how we feel inspired by movies. Ever wanted to blow a load down your throat after watching a movie? Wanted to pull the trigger to your best friend’s mouth before he could say something and prove how sick and evil you are? Well, just get hold of the Alcohol Shot Gun. All you would need to do is fill it up with your favourite drink and shoot down your or your friend’s throat.

They not only get high without any effort and without having to move a finger but you also get to have the sadistic or masochistic pleasure of pulling the trigger off. I wouldn’t know it’s price or availability but I will leave it to you guys to search more and get the Alcohol Shot Gun.

I would say, this is one of the coolest toys I have ever seen. It would be a nasty surprise at a chic and posh party you are attending and you could drive other guests crazy with this.

Via: TInsiders

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