Now, You Can Feel The Movie That You Are Watching

This one is a real treat for all the couch potatoes out there. Called the emotion seat, this multimedia chair has been designed by Cinovent with a promise to give a never-before cinematic experience. The chair comes well-equipped with all sorts of multimedia razzmatazz required to make you a part of the movie that you are watching.

The technical name of this state-of-the art chair is 4-D/5-D Magic Event Cinema. And what it does is simply combine the thrilling computer animated and live action 3-D/4-D films with brilliantly designed special 4-D/5-D effects. As a result, the one sitting in the chair gets engulfed in a movie watching process that is one of its kinds.

As part of the company’s film technique, the emotion seat can create amazing 3-D effects and animations like air blasts, mist, fog, snowfall, storm effects, thunder, spider effects and seat vibration. And if that was not enough, the chair can also shake some impressive 5-D effect flowers, fog and even a fire smell. We saved the best for the last. The chair is also capable of tickling your leg when a funny scene comes by. Accompanying the chair is an impressive 8-channel digital surround sound.

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