Fipa Brings Back The Classic Fashion For Cigarette Smoking Women

One thing common to most Hollywood classics is that sexy diva-like heroine who occasionally likes to smoke that long and fashionable cigarette. Maybe it was then, or perhaps even earlier, that fashion and smoking began to be associated with each other. Without getting into the moralities, let us introduce a rather innovative fashion accessory that caught our eye.

This luxury cigarette holder is called Fipa (and we don’t know why) and is as trendy as anything in your wardrobe today. Plus it comes with flavored tobacco in individual units. Insiders reveal that the idea to make Fipa was born when its creator Kuan was smoking his pipe one fine day and suddenly though of making a design solution for a woman’s smoking device.

Kuan admits that the real inspiration came from the popular fashion during the 1940s and the 1960s, when most women used a cigarette holder in order to keep a decent distance between their mouth and the cigarette. And let’s admit it, women drool over anything that is simple and lean. And so Kuan got Canadian designer Lawrence Chu to give Fipa a chromium-platinum finish for the high-class fashionista today. And to further add to the bling, they have even embedded some Swarovski crystals to the new models.

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