Alessi Alberto Brings The Poetic Touch To Wine Tasting

Expect Alessi Alberto to come up with something that’s out of the ordinary. The Vineyard tasting glass coming from his house has drawn instant attention owing to its unique shape and design. The glass’s shape is actually asymmetrical. And we hear that is for a special reason. The side that bends outwards is actually intended for tasting white wine. The special shape exposes the liquor to the air and opens up the fragrance.

Now this wonder glass is not just meant for tasting white wine alone. So, if you want to sample some red wine, then use the side that curves inwards. This traps and concentrates the aromas. Experts actually found the claim to be true. The wines taste and smell very different when sipped from the two different sides of the glass.

Wow, Alessi Alberto has gone poetic with his designs. He has gone on to say that the process of wine creating is not just limited to bottling the liquor, there is much more work afterwards too. Then again, the glass will be fun to own just for the beauty of it. The dimensions are 12.3 Oz-11.8″h. Pay $97 for a pair at Unica Home.

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