Thelermont Hupton’s Glass Blow Ups Add Elegance

There is something elegant and chic about glass art. Especially if they are glass blow ups, you would know that it is a great that needs to be handed down from father to son. However, there are many professional designers who take it a step beyond the usual family business of glass art and make it very chic and stylish. Thelermont Hupton has designed some glass blow ups that are inspired by children’s toys, the playfulness of a clown, and other such things you would find in a fairground.

The blowups are available with steel stands or you can fit them to your ceilings. They also come with halogen lamps so that the art work looks even more spectacular. for a quote, you could contact the designer and ask him if it can be shipped to your residence.


I would say, such glass blow-ups add elegance and aesthetic appeal to our otherwise modern and boring homes that are all similar to each other. Thelermont Hupton’s glass blow ups add uniqueness and art to your homes, so what are you waiting for?


Via: Aszozo

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