Stylish Vizio TVs May Be in Trouble

If you thought Vizio was a good company and that their TV products are stylish and good to look at while at the same time being very functional, you are perhaps right. However, the company is in some major trouble as Funai Electronics have been demanding what Vizio terms ‘Extortionist Patent Fees’. Visio is seeking the help of FCC to solve this issue and to reduce or not pay at all the patent fees which is being demanded by Funai Electronics.

Funai has even threatened to block Vizio products from the US market if the company does not pay the exorbitant prices. However, if something should go wrong with Vizio’s TV market, it would be a great tragedy as they have been manufacturing some of the most stylish, functional and visually appealing Televisions in the US market.

Let us just hope and pray that these corporate fights get resolved soon and that everyone ends up being happy, even those that like Vizio Televisions a lot!

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