Karim Rashid designs Awesome Cutters

If you thought cutting and chopping with good old knives was a brutal thing to do and you sought something more sophisticated, you may have an answer in the form of the Slice. Slice has been designed by renowned designer Karim Rashid who aims to make the kitchen a more snobbish place to stay in. The Slice is made of ceramic material and unlike metal; it is very hard and never needs sharpening.

It can also be sharpened to a much greater extent than many other materials like metal and plastic. the Slice is accompanied by many other cutters like the Precision Cutter, veggie Peeler, Y-Peeler, Grater and many other things like that. You could easily transform your kitchen from being a hazardous and lethal knavish place to something that is chic, elegant and colourful.


You must really thank Karim for getting such awesome designs to the market. The Slice costs $7 each and is very cheap. You must not even think twice and you should just go ahead and get these for your kitchen.

Via: NotCot

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