Holland & Sherry Proudly Present The Most Expensive Cloth In The World

Holland & Sherry is a name associated with exotic luxury. The world famous fabric weaver company was established in Scotland in 1836. And now the brand name is making news with a very unique proposition. They have put up an offer for an extremely limited edition range of suit lengths which will be made from the world’ most expensive and luxurious cloth.

We hear that the company located on Savile Row has created world’ first 100 per cent worsted spun Vicuna fabric. At $4,000 per yard, it is the most expensive cloth in the world. The raw material comes from the wool of the very elusive wild Vicuna, which is a relative of the llama found in the Andes Mountains.

For the uninitiated, the Vicuna can be shorn only every three years and yields only a small amount of wool. Apparently, Holland & Sherry took five years to gather enough of the exclusive yarn and another year and a half to develop the unique cloth, which is finer than cashmere. There is only fabric enough for 18 suits, each of which will be custom made for $50,000. There are there colors to choose from, black, midnight and natural. An insider told us that the King of Morocco is the first one to place an order for the gorgeous garment.

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