Want a Cave for your Home? Here it is


Ever dreamt of living in a cave? Not when you are stranded in the middle of a jungle, but in a den replete with luxuries that you get in a town!

Curt and Deborah Sleeper who lived such a dream life till now with their children, have to now forgo their home because of the economic crisis. The couple had converted a 15,000 square feet cave in Festus, Mo., into a fantasy abode which has three bedrooms, a 400 square foot kitchen, with geothermal and solar heating.

Bidding for the home starts at $3,00,000. The surroundings they live in, have three freshwater springs. And the stretch of the property also has 14 waterfalls.

The home has three chambers. While its front chamber has the home’s three bedrooms, the middle area has its party area. And at the rear chamber is where many bands performed in the house of Curt and Deborah Sleeper, where a dais still exists. The couple say this home is naturally cooler than other homes in the region, but that they acclimatised to it rather easily. If you have the money and do not know where to put it, this cave may well be your purchase!

Via: Sun Sentinel, Boing Boing, Ebay


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