The Titanic Collection From Romain Jerome Just Got Even More Exotic

Expect Romain Jerome to come up with the most exotic designs and concepts for the conventional accessory we call the watch. Well, that’s no exaggeration for we do know that the luxury brand has given us time pieces made from the wreckage of the Titanic. Boy, didn’t they just blow our minds away! And now, they are going a step further with the Titanic-DNA collection.

A high-end skeleton timepiece, this new watch is really referred to as the rusted steel T-oxy III Skeleton Chronograph Tourbillon. And it enjoys a bold and powerful design. For starters, the diameter is from 50mm to 53 mm. The screw-in crown equips the watch with interchangeable horns along with a push button, which is a pattern running through all the Titanic-DNA timepieces.

The skeleton dial is held together by a whole range of materials like brass, black steel and pink gold 5N, whilst velvet and satin have been mixed to create those unmatchable Roman numeral XII. The chronometry design has been highlighted by pink gold 5N. Only nine examples of the timepiece are up for sale. Hurry!

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  • You have to be a bit dim to buy this watch, let’s face it.

    Just makes you look like a gullible dickwad.

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