Pedini’s New Kitchen Designs with Lamborghini: Style Automated

Pedini, famed for its innovative modular kitchen designs has sprung a surprise by tying up with automobile major Lamborghini. Pedini’s Integra Hook Kitchen design is the base for the new round Integra Lamborghini kitchen that is upholstered in ostrich skin.

It also has on its design, the logo of Lamoborghini’s bull. The new Integra design is available in black, cream and the automobile firm’s signature yellow. Pedini Artika Kitchens are famed for design creativity, and are returning with brand new designs too.

Ever since they hit the market six years back with their initial models, they have been a rage for their trendy designs. They were first introducted at the Milan fair.


What is special about Pedini Artika kitchens is that they reflect the lifestyle of their owners. They keep pace with the ever evolving tastes in the design world. Pedini kitchens take into account user movement, postures, and try to offer maximum comfort while working in the kitchen.


All this, while catering to the most important aspect: style. The new Artika kitchens reflect Pedini’s unflinching pursuit of quality kitchen designs while adding zing with newer colours.

Via: Trendir, PediniUSA


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