$80 Combi iPod Bouncer For The Musically Inclined Babes

Rich babies are born with more than just a silver spoon in their mouth, they are born with the whole fashion and elite industry at their fingertips. It seems there is nothing that a rich baby could possibly not have; everything from branded diapers to elite prams are at their disposal.

If you are planning on giving birth any time soon and if you have large amounts of money at your disposal then you may start thinking of how you could compete with the likes of Angelina Jolie when it comes to pampering your baby. The Combi iPod Bouncer is a creation for all the rich moms; this bouncer has electronic controls mounted in the rear to control the built-in sound and vibration unit. You can connect this directly to your iPod so that your baby starts taking a liking to the type of music you admire from the time that he is a tiny tot. Other specifications of the bouncer include a collapsible canopy, toy bar and hammock style seat.

The Combo iPod Bouncer is available at $80 so get to it fast if you want to start educating your young one in music at an early age.

Via: ThinkGeek/RedFerret

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