3D Cockpit Display To Make Car Dashboards Ready For Take-Off

What makes a car cooler than its predecessor is usually a smashing design or torque that would blow your minds off, but it seems that many optimistic inventors have something more in mind. Research scientists have developed a car dashboard that would make it appear almost as though one is in the cockpit of a plane.

The awesome car dashboard will include a display that would show the architectural layout of what is ahead in 3D. The display will also show velocities, engine speeds and warnings in the same fashion. The customisable 3D display can be changed according to the driver’s preference so that people sharing the car can still have the display that would suit them best. The 3D display will also design to show the information of mp3 being played, traffic reports, navigation information, and even alerts to refuel. Designed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, this may just be the dashboard of the future.

Information displayed can be preset by the driver according to his preference. The 3D layout displayed on the dashboard will also be accurate to what the driver is actually seeing by use of two cameras that measure the position of the driver’s eyes. The cockpit display is set to make its first appearance at CeBIT in Hanover between 3rd and 8th of March.

Via: Fraunhofer

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