$200,000 Lexus LF-A Will Go Nude At The Milan Fashion Week

Car fanatics need never hold their breath for a cool car to make an appearance; it seems that the moment talk about an awesome car pipes down another one starts making noise burning tyres and making hearts race.

Lexus LF-A may have looked absolutely smashing before but the Japanese car is s to get a brand new makeover that will leave the car flaunting its inner workings. Carrying a completely nude look that even the best looking models would hesitate to on the runway, the Lexus LF-A is going completely transparent revealing all the internal workings of the car. If you are a non-geek who always wondered what the innards of a car looked like, then this may be your best because you need not even strip this beauty. The car, which has already been seen during test drives at Nurburgring, is set to debut at the Milan Fashion Week.

Apart from the eye-opening design, other specifications of the Lexus LF-A include a V10 engine generating over 500hp. Only 100 units of the babe is slotted for production with each one costing $200,000.

Via: 4WheelsNews

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