Michel Rostang’s Sandwich Tiede a la Truff Fraiche at $ 122: To eat or not to eat?

Ever wondered how sometimes things really trivial cost exorbitant? And what makes them so expensive that you think of saving money over a lifetime to buy them? What makes a sandwich so special that its maker would price it at a massive $ 122?

Yeah. It’s a sandwich. Simplest of foods. But when it comes from the skilful mastery of a celebrated chef, you are sure to want to pay for it. The $ 122 sandwich is called `Sandwich’ Tiede a la Truff Fraiche and made by French chef Michel Rostang. For this kind of a price, you may expect a spread with elaborate veggies, dressing and a great platter. You may be in for a surprise though. This one is too simple for it. How? Its ingredients – fresh truffles that are sliced and mounted on toasted country bread with salted butter.

The sandwich is kept aside for two nights so that it can sip in the flavour of these truffles. It is then ready to get presented as an exquisite dish, slurpy and delicious, not before being grilled lightly on both the sides though. Would you still want to spend the three figure sum on the sandwich. Take a call! Think of eating a yummy sandwich. Think of the economy too.

Via: Michel Rostang, Luxist

Truffles Sandwich

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