The Whip? Bring It On!

A Whip? I would say “Bring it on!” Well, I am talking about a car called the Wheego Whip, which is an electric car and has been unveiled by Wheego Electric Cars. Wheego Electric Cars are a division of RTEv. This electric car is luxuriously designed and is a low speed NEV. An NEV is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, which means you would not be going beyond a few blocks in this beauty.

We do not know the price but it would be launched in May and I guess you would need to shell out a lot of money. The idea is, if an electric car is less efficient, the more expensive it has to be. Nevertheless, you can reduce the pollution in your neighborhood by using the Wheego Whip.

If the Whip does not satisfy your fetish, you can always try others in the book. Like you could buy a diesel drinking convertible and laugh at the faces of weird EV owners. Now that brightens up your mood doesn’t it?

Via: AutoBlogGreen

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