The Tourbillon Is an Insanely Prized But Cool Watch

After such a long wait, here comes another luxurious watch that could be called a slap in the face for all those people who have suffered during the recession. The Tourbillon certainly sounds like a medieval French torture device but is an awesome watch which costs 109,000 Euros. The watch comes with titanium and gold and also features modified crown at two.

This is done for extra comfort and the solid buckle is hand made using 12 different pieces. The watch itself is a sturdy piece of precision gadget and can withstand tremendous amounts of shock and strain. This watch is only for the serious watch lovers who love watches more than their lives. I certainly like this watch but I would think twice before spending that kind f money on a watch.

However, it doesn’t matter and if you love watches and have the money to spend, I suggest you go right there and get the Tourbillon for yourself.

Via: Softpedia

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