Rolls-Royce Phantom Sedan: Pepped Up And Hidden No More

If car aficionados and Batman fans get together, they would create the best car ever. With the greatest design and the best features any car could carry, it would probably also offer you the added advantage of stealth.

But sometimes, disappearing completely isn’t a very great thing. Like the Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan which has stayed hidden in the shadows cast by the other cool Brit cars, including the Silver Ghost which hasn’t even arrived yet. The Phantom has been around for over 5 years but like its name-sake has stayed out of the limelight and barely visible anywhere. Its creators, though, have other plans for the Phantom; Roll-Royce Phantom model for this year would be a bit more pepped up with a new bumper, three new sets of aluminium wheels, shallower stainless steel grilles and more luxury additions like LED lights on the door handles.

Apart from pimping up the exterior, the interior of the Phantom will also be receiving attention with redesigned interior, updates for the entertainment system and more. Phantom will no longer be serving in stealth.

Via: AutoBlog

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