$23,000 Hand-Carved Wooden King Ghidorah Figure Up For Sale

Reptilian monsters are something that the Japanese are experts at. Look back in history and the most wicked reptilian monsters would be Japanese. Remember Godzilla in all its foot-stomping bad-breath roaring glory?

Morita Shouji, a Japanese company is taking the interest in their famous reptilian creeps one step ahead; they are selling figures of their three most famous monsters. Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah fiures are hand-crafted out of wood and the figures of the first two would sell for $3,000 and over. King Ghidorah, being the undeniable unconquested king, declares himself as king not just with the title but also with his going price. The 260cm high 150kg heavy King Ghidorah will sell for a whopping $23,000. King ghidorah is a three headed dragon that looks as ugly as it is appealing so many people would want to get their hands on this.

The monster figures are only available in Japan so if you have money to waste then you may as well catch a flight to the land of creepy reptiles. Planting a figure of King Ghidorah in your living room may give you the title of eccentric, though.

Via: CrunchGear

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