Spurt Bicycle Trailer: For that Comfy Bicycle Pillion Seat


Move over bicycle backseats that you struggle to get a hold on, while the rider is cycling away. Your child could trail away behind the bicycler instead.

Designed by Max Volk, Spurt, is a bicycle trailer that has a seat, is shaped as a big wheel and absorbs vibrations too. A small passenger can sit, inside the wheel on a floating seat. Conventional bicycle seats were placed above the second wheel, making it inconvenient for the pillion rider.

Spurt Bicycle Trailer

Spurt’s whole body is really a hard plastic shell, protected by a strap-system. A tiny-tot or small-sized passenger seated in the trailing wheel-seat could also be protected against bad weather. It is almost like a hollow disc placed vertically and on the move. But not as fragile. Coloured in attractive yellow, the self-illuminated coating is meant for visibility in the dark, a relief from poorly coloured vehicles that are not visible in the dark. With Spurt behind, a bicycler can easily maneuver the vehicle and still make his or her co-passenger feel safe.

With Spurt trailing behind, the rider could have lesser reason to worry, and ride instead of turning to check the pillion rider’s safety all the time, as its design makes it conducive for turning.

Via: Tuvie, 3Kant

Spurt Bicycle Trailer

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