727 Jet Lounge: Reuse Novelty with Metal Bird Parts


It’s called 727 Jet Lounge. Not exactly a lounge you expect inside those metal birds called air-planes though. But it’s an example of how a bit of imagination and care for earth can produce something unique from things unusual – even parts of an airplane.

It’s a recliner made of two Boeing 727 emergency exit doors. Facundo Poj has designed the recycled piece of furniture meant in every way, to provide comfort to its user. You would fall in love with it if you are an aviation enthusiast. You would like it a lot if the word `recycle’ enthuses you too. You would grab it if you are the kind who stock’s recycled furniture with an eye for design.

What’s special about it? Simplicity combined with attention to detail for comfort’s sake.  While the door’s shape remains intact, its aluminium is polished thoroughly, and steel legs are affixed to the existing safety brakets on the doors, to make the curve gentle.

Free roaming cowhide is used to upholster the recliner’s upper part. At $ 4,500, 727 Jet Lounge is worth a buy, for the sheer out-of-box brain wave and toil. Since such doors are hard to get, 727 Jet Lounge comes in a limited edition of 10 pieces only.

Via: Faciando Poj

727 Jet Lounge

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