Lamborghni Stilettos: High Heel Head Turners

So how would you react when a well-known, reputed car brand comes up with an unconventional, yet head-turning design of, not cars, not their engines, nor other car related accessories, but a pair of carbon-fiber stilettos?

The design looks locomotive inspired enough too. Tonino Lamborghni, that otherwise has also been into smoking accessories, bluetooth earsets, perfumes and a limited edition coffee maker, has come up with the design for potential stilettos. The heels are modeled really after the obsolete Gallardo Superleggera. Considering that cars are more a men’s area of interest, considering it, men would fall for something of the nature of footwear if it carries aspects of their four-wheeler fancies, the design could have been quite a hit with men’s range as well.

For these reasons or in spite of them, the pair of stilettos could floor audience at a fashion show, out of amusement, curiosity or dislike. They are designed by Modo illustrator Tim Cooper.

The high heel sexy objects resemble those space-craft facets to an extent too. For hilarity’s sake, they may worth be an effort. Still want to wait for the potential product to become real?

Via: Autoblog

Lamborghini Gallardo stilettos

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