gScreen Dual-Screen Work-Station: Two Screen Laptop For US Navy’s Multi-Taskers

Ever thought your PC monitor screen could become two instead of one? Rather, did you ever think you even needed an extra screen? The US Navy did, for the multi-tasking soldiers and Navy men that it has. They call this latest piece of work by Lenovo, a battle-ready laptop.

You can use two screens at once or simply switch to a single screen. The two screens will easily slide into one. It is named gScreen TITAN M-1 dual-screen workstation and meets the US Armed Forces’ MIL-STD 810F standards which entail its suitability to extreme conditions.

It is said to be a rougher, weathered version of G400 notebooks by Lenovo, and has 500 GB storage. Its processor is an Intel Core 2 Quad QX9300 processor. This processer can also be found in Lenovo’s W700 series.

The dual-screen laptop has 4 GB memory. While gScreen will be brought out in the coming months, its utility among the US armed forces remains to be seen as such an example of technological advancement does bring with it some need for delicate handling of the product. Price of the newest possible additions for the US Navy is not out yet.

But considering that it has been built exclusively for US Navy, you could speculate about its arrival in the general market. PC lovers would only crave for it.

Via: NewLaunches, Engadget, gScreen


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