Hug Me Pillow: Hug `Him’ without Guilt, Go to Sleep

Missing your touring husband? Or just a single longing for those warm arms that hold you while sleeping? `Hug me Pillow’ , a one armed piece, could just be right for you. For starters, it sounds bizarre, but it is rumoured to have been designed after Brad Pitt.

The pillow is shaped like the top half of a man’s upper body, with an extended hand, as if placed around some person or thing. For some customers who have used it till now, `Hug me pillow’ has provided some guilt-free sleep trips over loneliness. For still others, it has become that doll friend that you can carry over to the reading chair, to a friend’s place or tuck it in the rear seat of your car.

The pillow has microfiber, is made of polyester and can only be dry cleaned, not washed. The pillow can also be used as a neck rest when you are travelling. In spite of its novelty factor, the pillow could surely get better. It could be with expanding the torso size, or giving a more pleasant colour to the shirt. Hug the pillow, for $ 29.99. It cannot replace the real man though.

Hug Me Pillow: Hug Him without Guilt, Go to Sleep

Via: Crunchgear

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