2moto’s $4,250 RadiX Kit Plus Dirt Bike Equals Snowbike

Winter brings with it all the beauty of a great snowstorm that leaves the streets and countryside covered with snow. That gives you just the right excuse to pack up a good snowball and chuck it at your neighbour, but if you’re a big kid then you would play dirty in style and take out your snowmobile.

Then again you may not have a snowmobile to impress the neighbours with and all you have is an old bike that wouldn’t be of much use during the months of snow. Or so you thought. With the RadiX Kit by 2moto, you can turn any old bike into, well, a snowbike. All it takes is replacing the front wheel of the bike with a solo ski and the back wheel with a ‘curved-paddle’ track design. Installing the RadiX Kit is easy enough and any amateur can do it in about 2 and half hours, so get yourself one at $4,250.

Once your bike is pimped up with the RadiX Kit, it can hit a top speed of 92mph and perform jumps and some mean wheelies also. 2moto is set to sponsor the world’s first snowbike race event at the 44th annual McCall Winter Carnival.

radix snowbikeradix snowbike

Via: OhGizmo/GizMag
radix snowbike

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