Momo Eri’s Pimped Up Acer Aspire One

Japanese model Momoka Eri does not believe in limiting beauty to herself. When she gets blinged up, she makes sure that everything around her is as dazzling as she is. And who can blame her for that!

Momo owns a company that caters specifically to pimp up mobile phones, PSPs and what not. Recently she showed off her netbook that had been jazzed up to the max. The Acer Aspire One is covered with Swarovski crystal and beads with pink hearts following the Valentine’s tradition, and a golden one smack in the centre with Momo’s favourite letter sitting pretty inside. The effect certainly is dazzling and even quite appealing once you get a good look at it. No guesses on how affordable this netbook would be in its new and improved version.

Momo has a creative eye and could pimp up your favourite gadget, if only you lived in Japan. And if all the hearts gross you out, that’ no problem; I’m sure she’ll be just as glad to draw a roaring dragon on your netbook.


Via: AkihabaraNews/UberGizmo
momo's acer

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