$1,795 Alligator Humidor: For Your Best Cigars

In the wild wild west, what differentiated a man from the rest of the gun-slinging boys was how fast he could shoot, and what brand of cigars he smoked. But today, even if you smoked the best Cuban wonders, you aren’t man enough unless your cigars are housed in the best.

Tomasso Arditti brings you the Cigar Humidor; made from solid cedar, this humidor will house forty of your most precious and finest cigars taking perfect care of them so they taste as fresh when you light it up as it did when you first bought them. The cedar box comes adorned with alligator skin ensuring that everyone knows what lies inside it is worth all the luxury being offered. Arditti’s humidor includes accessories so that even when it comes to cutting your cigars, only the finest would touch them before your lips do.

As everyone knows, elegance comes with a price and Tomasso Arditti’s Alligator Humidor for your best and wildest cigars from the choicest places of the world will cost you $1,795. Of course, that is nothing when compared to a fine cigar; after all, Che Guevara did say a smoke is the best companion.

Via: ArdittiOnline
alligator humidor

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  • This is totally ridiculous and awesome. I wish it was cheaper. Of course then it wouldn’t be as baller. Nice find!

  • Holy cow, I mean Alligator… that is one gorgeous box for your happy sticks.

    I’ll take five, please.

    – Zman

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