Chic Asus Stealth: Laptop Cum Desktop Concept

The design world and creative minds that are not comfortable with the stagnant look of anything do not rest quietly. Check out the design of this laptop, or desktop; you would be confused on what you should be calling it.

The Asus Stealth is a notebook whose identity crisis makes for a great functionality. The Asus Stealth has been designed by Patrick Dotimas, most especially with gaming fans in mind. The Asus Stealth can be used either as a laptop or a desktop, depending on what you are working on. If a desktop is what is desired, you only need to flip it open so it can be set up on a desk. The Asus Stealth also features a detachable keyboard, so that the display and the keyboard remain as two separate halves.

Dotimas may have had gaming addicts in mind when he designed this concept, but the Asus Stealth design would definitely interest many more than just gamers. The design, especially the display half, is also sleek enough to interest anyone looking only for a cool-looking laptop.

Via: GearCrave/Coroflot
Asus Stealth

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