Weather Mate Warns You of Bad Weather Conditions

Weather can get nasty anytime and if it got nasty while you were out in the nature, things could get dramatically wrong. Samuel Jones has designed an awesome emergency weather radio and has called it the Weather Mate. Weather Mate, like a true mate saves you in the nick of time from the elements and makes sure you receive help wherever you are. It shall automatically tell you when there is an impeding flood, storm, hails, tornadoes and other such nasty weather conditions.

The Weather Mate comes with an LCD screen, circuit board, speaker and even a radio receiver should you get bored. It runs on battery and can also be charged through alternative sources of energy. It comes with a friendly interface and using it isn’t a problem at all. However, there is no news about either the price or its availability.

Like most products designed by designers, this too may never see the light of the day. Let us just pray and hope that it gets launched, even if it means we have to pay a lot of money.

Via: Coroflot/Designblog

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