Paris Haute Couture Week Has Hot Stuff in Store

Now when the gloom is lifting slowly over the wintry fields, things are getting hotter in Paris. Paris Haute Couture week is on and the latest find are the 30,000 Pound Roger Vivier heels. Now if you can afford that kind of money, it really shouldn’t be a problem to book a flight to Paris to get them. They have also launched their 1,000-Pound jeans which could be the object of envy of your friends, should you buy it.

The heels were designed by Bruno Frisoni and the heels come studded with ‘life’s little luxuries’. These little luxuries include 24-carat gold coated mesh, precious stones, silk chiffon, satin ribbons and the like. These are not the only designs unveiled because the fashion house has also come up with other extravagant creations. You could go ahead and buy them if your bank account is bursting at its seams.

However, it beats me, if you wore those heels in London and if it just started to rain, and you happen to step into a puddle of water, do the heels come with guarantee? I am sure they don’t. Well, I guess if you can afford expensive heels like that you wouldn’t be stepping into a puddle in the first place.

Via: Telegraph

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