Antonio Lupi Unveils iPod Dock with Mirror

If you wanted to show the world how filthy rich you were, you could go and buy the iPod dock with mirror created and designed by Italian Antonio Lupi. The design involves a mirror that is fitted with an LED illuminated power switch and makes the whole bathroom a little too futuristic.

However, what does not convince the buyer is the fact that there isn’t anything unusual about this product and there never had to be a iPod dock that also had mirror. In fact you can just have a mirror and an iPod dock at two different places and still have everything working fine. Perhaps this iPod dock with mirror comes with waterproof technology so that your iPod does not get screwed even if you splash water on it.

And yes, when the power goes, the candle could be found under the mirror, in case you are scared of darkness. I would say, this isn’t a great product though it looks attractive and sleek to people. Just go ahead and get a better one that is available all over the place instead of wasting money over something that is an elite-imposter.

Via: NewLaunches/Dezona

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