Speak To Me Cell Phone: Nicolas Nicolaou’s Chic Wearable Phone

The idea of talking to my wrist always fascinated me, not because me wrist talks back to me but because in the movies spyware always seem to revolve around the wrist. This new gadget would allow you to fulfil that fantasy and make you feel as important as a spy.

The Speak To Me Bracelet Cell phone oscillates between functioning as a cell phone and a watch. The modular design of the STM cell phone also allows it to be worn like a bracelet around your wrist. The phone has a touch screen but can also work by voice recognition. The phone has scroll function to skip through the offered applications and a built in camera. Accepting or rejecting a call becomes can be done using the appropriate colour lines at the sides of the screen. Chic and extremely stylish, the phone is still at the conceptual stage.

The phone is designed by Nicolas Nicolaou, a Greek/Danish designer from Acropolis. Nicolaou’s designing talents has been made obvious through his designs of gadgets, cutlery, furniture, home appliances, medical equipment and loads more. apart from winning several awards, the latest feather in his hat is an invitation to participate in the ‘Design and The Elastic Mind’ exhibition to be held at the Museum of Modern Art, NY.

Speak To Me Bracelet Cell phone Speak To Me Bracelet Cell phone Via: NicoDesign

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