ScanU Pocket Scanner: Simple And Practical

The things that we require the most are never around when we truly need them. Usually it is because they may be too huge to carry around in our pocket. This is especially true in the case of gadgets.

The ScanU is an extremely useful gadget. A scanner small enough to carry with you anywhere you go, the ScanU is designed by Ashish Chaudhary. The ScanU is built with three units, having specific functions. The central unit is the biggest and this holds the roll out OLED screen which shows the controls. The second unit is the rechargeable battery for the scanner and the third unit hosts a storage unit; both of these units have USB interfaces. It is the roll out screen which provides illumination and captures the data.


The coolest thing about the pocket scanner is that with its feature of dual side scanning, you can even scan books while close. The display would also show you the amount of data that has been scanned. With the ScanU pocket scanner, scanning becomes an easier and faster job.


Via: TuVie

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