Gladiat8r Fashion For Your Eyes

All those of you still in awe of the Gladiator Russell Crowe portrayed so masterfully, here is a chance for you to live your favorite fantasy but with a contemporary twist. There is a Gladiat8r eyewear concept doing the rounds which, apparently, drew its inspiration from the gladiator helmets of ancient Rome. Yes, so believe it or not, the new style will have sunglasses that are supported by a gladiator helmet covering your head.

The baby of Canedo Studio, this structure will have weight distributed evenly across the entire surface. This shall explain the presence of a carefully spaced ‘ribcage’, which ensures the shades remain in place during use. Apart from that one basic function, it will also be useful in reducing friction from the nose-bridge and ears support areas.

Available in three different sizes, the Gladiat8r shades will be adjustable vis- -vis a whole range of rubber attachments held together by the ribs on the frame. Though the pictures don’t show them! As bizarre as it may sound, the makers feels that this idea is a wonderful blend of functional utility with modern aesthetics. All that said we are left wondering, ‘how much will these shades weigh?’!



Via yankodesign

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