$999 USB Flash Drives With Fingerprint Scanner: Pandora Collection, Gresso

Gresso derives to come up with zanily beautiful designs on all its creations. Sometimes, the designs tend to be too zany or mild to impress and other times they nail it. This time, Gresso will definitely turn heads.

Gresso’s Pandora collection of USB Flash Drives releases a boxful of luxury gadgets. Gresso claims the flash drives from the collection are luxury devices. With a memory capacity of 64GB, it is definitely luxury. The Pandora collection has two versions: Black and Red. The body of the Black version is made from 200 year old African Blackwood with 18k gold. A diamond with an LED emitting blue radiance from beneath blings it up further. The Red version takes its name from the ruby which takes the place of the diamond.

Apart from the extravagant design, the USB is also top tech with a fingerprint scanner smack in the middle of it. Like anything sold by Gresso, this doesn’t come cheap either. The Pandora Black and Pandora Red sell at $999 each.


Via: Walyou

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