Enjoy Ropeway Ride With A Guilt-free Conscience

A ropeway ride is a hot favorite for the adventurer within us. We too think it’s a great way to enjoy and relish nature’s beauty and vastness. But then what do we do about the treehugger inside us, after all the ropeway is usually powered by a diesel engine? Well, you can keep the guilt aside for Fredrik Hylten has created the Taoyou Ropeway.

This new ropeway comes with two seats complete with security belts and a sliding floor under the seats. Wondering what purpose does the latter serve? Well, it balances the tilt of the lift. The sustainable lift runs on two wires that are powered by solar panels present on the roof. The designer has used double wires because they offer better wind stability and help increase the distance between the towers too.

What we liked best about the Taiyou Ropeway is its self-supporting energy. As a result, this ropeway can be installed even in the remotest of areas without having anything hamper its working as long as the sun is shining bright!

Courtesy Fredrik

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