Transparent Watch Will Play You Music, Too!

The best things in life are starting to become smaller and smaller. Check out this watch, that has the most amazing design, and it even plays your music!

The Transparent Watch, designed by Mac Funamizu, takes wearable technology to a new level. Featured in the R/GA Mobile Music Challenge, the Transparent Watch gives you music anytime, anywhere. The translucent strip can be set to show off colours or yo could set a picture in the background. The flexible strip can even be folded up for easy portability hen not in use. It comes with a pair of cool earphones with a built-in microphone. Searching for a song on this device would require you to hum or say the words. If a certain place reminds you of a certain song, save it up on the watch and it would play the song for you the next time you land on the spot.

The earphones can also detect your pulse and play songs in sync with your heartbeat. But then the best of things are usually a dream and this device appears to still be in the conceptual stage.

transparent watch

transparent watch

transparent watch

transparent watchtransparent watchtransparent watch

Via: Behance
transparent watch

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