Protect Yourself In A $3.3Million Bomb Shelter!

Remember the last time those rotten neighbour kids decided you were a meanie because you wouldn’t let their huge dog do its business on your lawn? They threw stink bombs into your house and you missed that awesome promotion at work. If you had a bomb shelter, that never would have happened.

Hurry up and contact Radius Engineering Intl. Known for being the best at building bomb shelters. They’ll build you something that would keep you safe through those stink bomb attacks, hurricanes, and perhaps even when aliens decide to attack. One of their most wicked shelters, the Earthcom, is built with $1.6 million in fibreglass arches and is equipped with a communications package with hi-fi radio equipment so you never lose touch with the world outside. Including food and fuel, the shelter can safeguard 200 people if you could just foot the bill of $3,296,100.

If that seems a bit too expensive for you then you could always opt for the smaller versions starting at $14,000. Perhaps Palestine would opt for the mini-version.

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