Luis & Clark Change History With Carbon Fiber Cello

A cello manufactured by a less known company Luis and Clark has made an impression. Agreed that it might not replace the $2 million wort Montagnana beauty of a cello that Yo-Yo Ma owns but you will definitely notice this one too. Worth $7,139, the Luis and Clark creation has been made entirely out of carbon fiber.

The makers claim that their cello is able to witstand the cold better owing to its unique design, even better than a priceless instrument carved out from a wooden historical piece! Apparently, the carbon fiber cello is part of a whole line of instruments that Luis and Clark make that even incudes a viola, violin anf bass.

The Joint Service used the entire range for a a ‘We are One’ concert, and the makers believe that more and more musicians will be attracted to crabon fiber instruments because of their futuristic approach. Coming back to the cello in reference, it is a single-piece body unlike the wooden cello of yore. It can withstand changes in temperature and humidity without affecting the quality of sound produced.

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