Kiss-o-Meter’s A Good Companion This V-Day

Weigh you decision very carefully this Valentine’s Day. If you want you can take some help from a cool and slightly weird scientific gadget that goes by the name of Kiss-o-Meter. Well, it won’t tell you who to kiss but it will definitely keep you in check of your breath, are you ready for a lingering smooch or not!

What more can one expect from something that costs a meager $30. Agreed that the concept might be a bit self-deriding and sound like as if someone is questioning your smooching abilities. But the tiny breath detector can actually come quite handy if you want to make that Mr. or Miss perfect impression.

After all, Love-o-Meter is a more sophisticated and dependable method to check your breath than the whole routine of breathing into a cupped hand in front of your nose. Then there are the cute heart shaped indicators.
Well, since the idea is catching up don’t be too offended of someone whips this out to use on you. Ouch!

Via geeksugar & urbanoutfitters

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