eCO2 Watch Will Erase Your Carbon Footprint

The use of planet-harming gadgets has made our carbon footprints into carbon giant-footprints. Any possibility to reduce this must be done it seems futile to completely give up the use of necessary gadgets.

The Carbon Dioxide Scrubber is a device that would make you breathe a sigh of relief, and for two reasons. Created by David Keith et al, the Carbon Dioxide Scrubber gulps in carbon dioxide and purifies it, giving you cleaner air and thus, reducing your carbon footprint. The device has intake vents which pull in the impure air and lets out the purer air through its exhaust vents. Powered by kinetic energy, the Carbon Dioxide Scrubber can be worn on your wrist so that every movement would keep the gadget going. The Carbon Dioxide Scrubber has also been nicknamed eCO2 and is designed by James Kershaw and Chad Garn.

Apart from displaying the time, the amount of CO2 removed would also be displayed along with other details like battery life, date, and mode. A price is not available for the eCO2 as yet, so this gadget may just be a concept at the moment.


Via: UberGizmo/Coroflot

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