Concord C Lab Quantum Gravity Watch: Cool Design, Possibly Functional!

This amazing piece of work, hard though it is to believe, is a wrist watch. That is, if you want to give anything as awesomely cool-looking as this a title as simple as a wristwatch. Let’s instead call it the Concord C Lab Quantum Gravity Watch.

The Concord C Lab Quantum Gravity Watch gets its name from the aerial bi-axial Tourbillon mechanism which allows the internal parts of the watch to rotate freely keeping them aligned properly as the watch moves in space. The skeletal design of the watch is intended to boldly underline the depth and emptiness of space. Unfortunately for everyone who has been eyeing this watch, no one seems to be able to tell the time on it yet!

For anyone who still believes their black suits or even casual jeans can carry off this watch on their wrist, a price tag will come attached to the philosophical Concord C Lab Quantum Gravity Watch when it releases on March 26th.

Via: OhGizmo/WatchLuxus

Concord C Lab Quantum Gravity Watch

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