Victory Motorcycles Launch CORE

Victory Motorcycles have unveiled their luxurious looking bikes which come with heavy bodywork and touring amenities. It is also minimalist and doesn’t come with any frills and hence, is a macho bike that only packs in power and vigour. The bike is called CORE and is supposed to be apt as it represents the core of a motorcycle.

It comes with 320mm dual discs and the 469 pound bike comes to a halt instantaneously. It comes with a 1731cc engine and the design looks raw and elemental. The bike also comes with 18 inch X Factor wheels. However, it is not clear when the motorcycles will go on sale and how long we may need to seeĀ these monsters on the road.

Whatever it is, it surely is a power packed macho bike that definitely woos all the bike lovers. There is no word about the availability and it might take a long time for it to be available. The bike looks almost futuristic, in spite of being so simple and elemental. That perhaps is what sets the CORE apart from the rest of the motorcycles available right now.

Via: MotorcycleUSA

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