FWD: A Great Human Powered Vehicle Concept

If you asked me what would one get if one crossed a tricycle and a bike, and a vehicle that runs on roads and on railway tracks, I would say you would get a hybrid human powered vehicle called the FWD. It comes with awesome steering, can be used as a trike, a bike and can run on a road and also on rail. The vehicle comes with seats that are luxurious and can seat one person with enough space for luggage at the back.

The vehicle is designed for urban usage and takes into account the chaotic nature of urban landscapes. This vehicle can be used a rental vehicle which can be used anywhere in the city and when someone drops it off somewhere, the other person could use it from there.


The vehicle also can be a little adventurous, if you are looking for some excitement. In my opinion, this vehicle can be used in all the urban areas to avoid pollution and also to avoid wastage of energy and fuel. Looks like the future will be built upon human powered vehicles that are green, clean and inexpensive. Such vehicles are best suited for urban areas.

Via: IndustrialDesignserved


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