Fujitsu’s Air Condotioners Sense Your Presence

If you ever wanted air conditioners that somehow recognized your presence and switched on, instead of wasting power and running when there was nobody there, well, you just have reached the right spot. These air conditioners by Fujitsu will come with sensors that recognize the presence of any movement and will switch on automatically, thus saving power.

The nocria S and nocria Z series are meant for large living rooms and the J and R series are meant for smaller individual rooms. They come with pyroelectric infrared sensor and was developed by partnering with Nippon Ceramic Co Ltd. When people are moving, the AC immediately lowers the temperature and when people are not moving, temperature is raised.

If a person does not return in 10 minutes, the AC would be turned down and if a person does not come back for 3 hours, it would be switched off. This kind of technology will definitely reduce the wastage of power and will increase power saving and encourage being friendly to the environment. However, there is no news about price or availability.

Via: TechOn

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